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Letters to Reginald
The 1973 Princeton Lightweight Crew

August 15, 2002

Mt. Airy, Maryland

Dear Reginald,

Thanks for inviting me to the May 2002 Merton Society meeting after the Cottage Club dinner at the University Club of New York. I had a great time, and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in a modest way in the Society's activities. I have committed "Eskimo Nell" to memory, and it now has an honored part in the bedtime ritual for my two sons.

Enclosed is a recent article from the Independent Rowing News about the Princeton 1973 Lightweight Crew that won the Henley Regatta under the captainship of Sir William the Unconquered. I believe the Princeton rower in the article (the father) is Auty Hayne '75.

I look forward to the next Merton Society meeting.

With warmest regards,

Terry Ryan '77

The Independent Rowing News