America's Oldest "Tea Drinking and Whisky" Speaking Society

Great Moments in Merton Society History
The First Blow-Pong Program

written by Society Members

Sir Waynathon of Dilldox and Lord Admiral Richard of Waldron

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The Invocation
Explaining the Rules
Archdeacon Shepley of Gooseberry

provides the invocation

The Duke of Homersex

explains the rules to the Peons

Play Ball!
Play Ball! (Cottage [on the left] won, 21 to 12)
Blow-Pong is a game that requires a traditional ping-pong table without a net, a ping-pong ball, and copious amounts of beer. Each team is assigned a contiguous short and long edge of the table as their side, as in the shape of an "L". All contestants kneel around the side, so that their heads are approximately at table height. A referee places the ball in the center of the table, and each team tries to blow the ball off the other team's side. Hands or other body parts are not allowed on the table. When the ball is blown off of one team's side, a point is scored for the other team, and the losing team must drink a glass of beer. The first team to reach twenty-one points wins the game; in general, winning teams have the most stamina and lung capacity.

The First Annual Cap-Cottage Blow-Pong match was held in September of 1972. It was known as the "Boot Classic" because the winning team's trophy was an old boot painted with the colors of each of the respective teams: the University Cottage Club and its neighbor, the Cap and Gown Club. The verb "to boot" was invented at this event. It refers to the act of vomiting, which invariably occurs under these circumstances.

Two members of the Merton Society served on the victorious Cottage Club team: Saint Harry, the Patron Saint of Tea Drinkers and Bulls' Pizzles, and Sir Donald of Grassole, the Defenestrator of the Duchy.