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Great Moments in Merton Society History
The Merton Society Goes to the Royal Henley Regatta
In July 1973, Sir William the Unconquered served as Captain of the

Princeton University Crew that won the Thames Challenge Cup

at the Royal Henley Regatta. The following photographs

from the Society's Archives celebrate this great victory.

Passing the Temple on the Thames
Passing the Temple on the Thames
A Victory at the Finish
A Victory at the Finish
Ferrying Sir William to the Boathouse
Saint Harry and Viscount William of Sawchman

Ferrying Sir William the Unconquered to the Boathouse

in the Society's "Aquamobile"

The Arrival of the Lord Admiral
Lord Admiral Richard of Waldron

Arriving in the Society's "Poonton Yacht"

The Arrival of Count Quikdrip
The Marquess of Fishnet

Arriving with his Date