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The May 2002 Cottage Club Dinner

On May 16, 2002, the University Cottage Club held another of its memorable all-member dinners at the University Club of New York. According to the invitation, cocktails were to be served at 6:30 p.m., and dinner was scheduled at 7:30 p.m.

The Merton Society shows the flag
A large number of Cottage Club undergraduate and alumni members attended the function. A healthy contingent from the Merton Society also was present, having previously made arrangements to hold a Merton Society meeting later that evening. Notable members of the Society who were present included Viscount William of Sawchman (l) and Cavaliere Ereditario di Bagus di Coppi (c).
According to the menu for the evening, a "Chocolate Tulipe" was to be served for dessert. Many of those present had never seen one of these before, and a great discussion concerning the possible composition of this dish arose before it was served. Sir Donald of Grassole (r) showed Mertonian resolve and described the epicurean delight in great detail as a favor to the uninitiated at his table.
Describing a Tulipe for the Benefit of Some Peons
The Dessert Task Force
Sir Matty of Glinka (l) shared his opinion of the dessert with Baron Montgomery of Aromatica (r).
At the end of the dinner, Sir Arthur the Fulminator rose to welcome all those present and to make several announcements. He thanked Cottage alumnus Jerry Coleman '70, also President of the University Club of New York, for arranging for the splendid facilities, service and food. He added that there would be open bar and cigars in the University Club Tap Room after the dinner. There was a general murmur of approval all around.
A Mertonian Therapy Session
Before leaving for the Tap Room, various members of the Merton Society were pleased to pose with Sir Matty of Glinka and other attendees. From right to left are Baron Montgomery of Aromatica, Saint Harry, Sir Donald of Grassole, Viscount William of Sawchman, Barrenass Johann von Kraft, Sir Matty, and various peons.
The Tap Room quickly became the center for a raucous post-prandial reunion. Whisky and cigars flowed freely. The various Merton Society members who were present made sure the flow was in their direction. Sir Daniel of Riley (standing, center) took advantage of the ample supply of local talent and began to recruit potential audience members for the Merton Society meeting later that evening.
Recruiting an Audience
Is there any advance seating?
The news spread rapidly, and many were visibly excited at the prospect of attending.
Some availed themselves of their friendships with members of the Merton Society and arranged for invitations to the meeting.
Sir Donald and Friend

In some cases, an invitation to the meeting meant additional benefits.

Upon Hearing the News
After hearing about the Merton Society meeting

At the designated hour, those Merton Society members who were present left the Tap Room and proceeded to the Breakfast Room, which previously had been designated as the location for their meeting. An assorted crew of well-wishers, curiosity-seekers and various hangers-on followed the entourage to the upper floors of the University Club. The May 2002 Merton Society meeting was about to begin.

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