America's Oldest "Tea Drinking and Whisky" Speaking Society


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Archdeacon Shepley of Gooseberry, le Huissier Audiencier

Barrenass Johann von Kraft

Burgermeister "Mister Bill" Liscom

Cavaliere Ereditario di Bagus di Coppi

Charles Bell, esq.

Count Keith von Rosstovich

Count "Quikdrip" of Kuensell, the Marquess of Fishnet

The Duke of Homersex

Generalissimo Alexandre Frederico Charlemagne de Aceite de Baskerville Bourbon-McLanahan, le Dauphin de Douché

Her Majesty's Bailiff, the Thane of Shore

His Eminence the Viscount of Vibratia

His Excellency Baron Montgomery of Aromatica

His Excellency the Ambassador of Bellicosia, the Earl of Encephalitis

Jason Count von Melton von und zu Unterschitz, Pullitz und Frottage

Kaiser Wilhelm von Fuent

Lady Rachel, the Duchess of Bohania

Lord Admiral Richard of Waldron

Lord Bortner of Roofball, the Duke of Defrocking

Lord Green of the Hill, Lord Royal Keeper of Her Majesty's Mess

Lord Wolff of the Lair, Protector of the Queen's Beasts

The Margrave of Miller, Brother of George and Lord of the Matrix

Prince Edward of Eglin, Pretender to the Hylobatian Throne

Prince Eric, Fils de la Poire

Saint Harry, the Patron Saint of Tea Drinkers and Bulls' Pizzles

The Shah of Pough!, Sir D. Jeffrey of Rice

The Sheik of Milk, David On & Offensend

Sir Arthur the Fulminator, Lord Royal Keeper of Her Majesty's Bellows

Sir Chas of Brown

Sir Daniel of Riley, Lord Royal Taster of Her Majesty's Treats

Sir David the Banneret, the Viceroy of Vosges

Sir Donald of Grassole, Defenestrator of the Duchy

Sir Edward the Grave, the Duke of Penetratia

Sir Gard of "Oh Yeah!" Davis, Lord Royal Keeper of Her Majesty's Tools

Sir Gregory of Nortman, the Rector of Ra

Sir "Honest" Jonathan of Fletcher

Sir Martin of Bufftucks

Sir Matty of Glinka, Lord Royal Keeper of Her Majesty's Font

Sir Nouhad the Tamer, the Boyar of Bifurcation

Sir Patrick of Connell, the Earl of Jerseyshoresex

Sir Robert the Loose, the Earl of Sheeplove and Master of the Ewe

Sir Waynathon of Dilldox

Sir William the Unconquered, Lord of the Manner

Viscount William of Sawchman, Merton Librarian