America's Oldest "Tea Drinking and Whisky" Speaking Society

Sir Daniel of Riley

Lord Royal Taster of Her Majesty's Treats



A Man of Many Tastes

Good Taste is Timeless
Other Scintillating Information:
  • Senior Thesis Topic: "Beefeater Revolt: Understanding the Merits of Red Meat and the Perils of Vegetarianism"
  • Comment Most Frequently Heard at Society Functions: "There's no question that mutton tastes better than beef. After all, have you ever heard of a wolf in cow's clothing?"
  • The Official Merton Society Taste-Tester
  • Awarded the Order of the Merton Cross for the lecture, "Why It Is Time for Another Whisky Rebellion: A Discourse on the Perils of Tasting Her Majesty's Treats," presented to the Society on May 16, 2002