America's Oldest "Tea Drinking and Whisky" Speaking Society

Sir "Honest" Jonathan of Fletcher

Le Chef announces le Plat du Jour

The Return of Le Cordon Bleu

Discussing Haute Cuisine with the Sheik of Milk at Cottage Club

Other Scintillating Information:
  • Senior Thesis Topic: "Fiction, Comedy and Tragedy in the Preparation, Composition and Grading of a Senior Thesis"

    • This was the premier example of the "Free Writing" technique refined by Sir Fletcher. Adherence to the four "M" 's was and is the critical feature of this pioneering technique; that is, Mental, Mechanics, and Merit at the Moment. In short, his thesis was written without preparation and was totally off the top of his head, with instant recognition of the worthlessness of the product. Unlike "automatic writing" or variants of "free association" and "stream of consciousness," Free Writing requires a great deal of work, when "work" is defined as not being able to nap, watch TV or expend time in some more profitable activity. Unfortunately, Free Writing was at that time very effectively discouraged by the powers in the English Department, primarily through punitive grading. Sir "Honest" pointed out (rather rightfully) at his oral comprehensive exam that, since this pogrom against Free Writing began, no senior thesis submitted to the English Department had been awarded a Nobel Prize or National Book Award. In response, the Department maintained the position that, with "free" writing, you "get what you paid for" (sic).

  • Comment Most Frequently Heard at Society Functions: "Who invited those people anyway? I'll bet they aren't even members!"
  • Awarded the Order of the Merton Cross for the lecture, "How to Make Money in the Used Furniture Business," presented to the Society on January 30, 1975
  • Awarded a second Order of the Merton Cross for the lecture, "The Artful Pleasures of French Cooking," presented to the Society on May 1, 1975